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Since June 24, 2002:

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#1 framestract is happy mood painting with the sun and cheerful colors, it has not much a cutting angle because this one is about expressing happy not struggle.

#2 is struggle painting with many questions, I donÕt know where IÕm from, and I donÕt know where I will go. Many issues in life confused me. Therefore, I create a many different sharp angle, which represent my struggle. But there might be hope on my struggle so thatÕs why I put a purple enlighten color, it signatures the hope of the future.

#3 presents the way my life went through, it is a long journey with high and low points and it is endlessly and I donÕt know what will come out in each turning point. Life is a journey, but my life is a mystery dangerous weird unpredictable journey. My life is so different from every other that I have not met anyone with so weird turning point like mine. My life to me is like big strong waves that comes and goes, comes and goes, I cannot escape but to face it bravely.

#4 is the most depressing and dark and painful stage, I had this urge and anger that I want to let it out. The painting is all dark and full of violence marks. The angle is weird shape because I was in a frighten stage and I donÕt know if my anger will hurt myself or else.

I am looking for representation of my art, if you can help, email me.


Sept 2002