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Artist name "Hsky" pronounced sky.

About My Work I want to have a free life. I wish all mankind can be free and easy and peaceful; since I don't have the power to change the world because I'm only ONE INDIVIDUAL. I would like to spread out the freedom message and thinking to others by my paintings. Therefore, I create no limit canvas; it is weird abstract shape canvas with no traditional squared boundary and rules. Basically, it is paintings to free the minds/depression/lost. In this modern era, everything is so modern yet people are suffering from depression a lot. I myself have suffered from depression since when I was a kid. I suffer more than most other kids; I have different stages that went up and down from wealth to poor, from pride to lost. I cannot find myself any more in my own little world. Thus, I had only way to go, turn to my art world. I like to paint by hand because it is the direct touch from my hand and from my mind. It is faster for me to work and who ever saw the artworks will feel my finger markers. My finger prints are most unique because no one has the same ones, so each paintings would be symbolized my own unique individuality.
Different paintings represent different mood and phase. It is not predictable because it is I don't know when my mood will change, I don't know if the next minute I will be happy or sad. I can be happy and produce a sunny painting in one day, the next day, I would be totally depress and produce a miserable painting. The first series of framestract (series name here) is done in less than a week, all different paintings is made under different mood. When I was influence by inspiration, I will work very fast it is like at the end of the day, others try to write down what they feel on their diary. My painting is my secret diary but I'm showing it to everybody. I wanted everyone to know how I feel and how I struggle and I hope whoever has the same issue will feel comfort and relief after they saw my painting. When I'm ready to work, I cannot be disturbed or else my mind will flow somewhere else. My mind has to stick on where my mood stays, either happy, sad, depress, or doubt. Many phrases in my life that I feel that I want to give up and I can't because I know if I give up at that moment, I will not achieve anything any more in my life ever. Rather spending the time on giving up or depress all day or complain about it, I have to stand up, wipe off my tears and think a best solution to move on. Times like that is very struggle and painful, I have no one to talk to, neither to my friends nor my family because most of the time, they were my problems. They had their own problems too so there is no one who can help me but myself.
Many things in this world are not fair, even though it is a 21st century with freedoms around everywhere; many things is just keep under secret or unfair. Sometimes on the road, people with nice cars would come push behind me or make me not able to drive because their car is better than mine. Sometimes when I dress up like artist style all messy and cool, I went into the mall, and sales would not greet me but to greet others who dress better than me. I could not do anything about it, because if others think material is more important, I can't change their mind. I just hope one day when people sees my painting and it would bring out the inner peaceful and most courtesy feeling and to make the world a better place. I don't want them to just feel the colors or examine and critic flaws in the work. Many flaws are there because I leave them as such. Look around yourself, is everything flawless? But we want everything we buy and use to be flawless, yet the most damaged thing we own is ourselves. Too many people hide and worry about what others think about them than live with a life of expression. People live only 25% of their live and 75% of others. It is best that everyone is treated equal and free, it is all better when people come out from depression and leave the pain behind. I try to achieve that goal and I hope when I do, I would be able to help others. And this is why I paint, and will be painting after.
If you have a hard time seeing and feeling what I paint, it's only because your heart expresses in a much different way than mine. But the final emotion is the same!


I have a passion for understanding and art. I was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1976. I started to draw when I can first hold a pencil. I like to eat sashimi, ice cream, coke, chocolate and watermelon seeds; I liked everything with blueberry, grape, mango and orange taste. I love colorful, modern, cute and cool stuff and clothing. I love to paint colorful abstract paintings and to create funky cool accessory and jewelry. I am also interested in classic and funky music, fashion, poetry and cool cars.

Collections Since a child, I have been collection postage stamps. Here are few samples of some from Taiwan and China. If you see one you like and are interested in purchasing it, please contact info@abstractsky.com. Specify that you are interested in a stamp.

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    - Hsky

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