I hope you enjoy the paintings. I would like to share with you my perspective and thoughts regarding my artwork. Unlike many artists, my artwork follows no specific style or rules. The paintings I create are executed by a sudden rush of inspiration with disregard to the results. Many artists have a style that can be indentified easily and is so repetitive that one painting is 80% of all the others. Nothing new, just the same colors flipped around like a mirror or jigsaw-puzzle. I do not let the thoughts of selling paintings tamper how I work. Though I have commissioned paintings, selling my work is not a priority. Many of the paintings you will see are not for sale. Not because I do not want to sell them, but many of them are in other hands; a couple of them I threw in the trash when I became so angry about life. I did see some people take it from the trash so I know some people have them. All I had were the photographs. They are expressions that have no price. I am an artist. I am Hsky. I have pain, happiness and sadness. I love art. My life is art. I gave some paintings to some kids once, I hope they were inspired to become painters. - Hsky, 2002 (prev. signed as Chou)

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